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The release of Regards marks a watershed moment for Hunger Hush. The Calgary indie-rockers have been writing and performing for the last three years, honing their wide ambitions into a wiry, tight sound. The resulting album - the band’s first full-length - is a burst of youthful energy in a nine song arc. Tales of friendship, love, anxiety and change go down easy, but surprises greet the listener at each turn. String sections and odd tempos spring from Hammond riffs and crunchy guitars, though Regards is anything but overblown. It’s all in service of the story, and all anchored by indelible hooks and catchy enthusiasm.

Touring their previous Lorrie Matheson-produced EPs, Hunger Hush has played across the Prairies and BC, and performed at CMW 2013. They’ve opened for The Cave Singers, July Talk and Daniel Wesley, and will take the stage in support of Regards throughout the coming year.

"An intensely self-aware rock 'n' roll record, refreshing in every way and well worth your time"  -BeatRoute

“Hunger Hush is destined for radio” -The Gauntlet

November 26, 2013

1. Novels
2. Alleyways
3. YYC
4. In The Dark
5. Cautious Dinosaurs
6. St. Gregory
7. Presage
8. Nectarine
9. Passenger Seat